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I ain't in this for your revolution, and I'm not in it for you, Princes

Integrity, Honor and Joy in all relationships - My Word is My Bond.


Do not be afraid of big dreams, because there is a little competition.

About Me

Having many years of film industry experience backed by many courses from prestigious institutions like Raindance, Four Corners Workshop, and Theatre Venture etc.

My journey started with Theatre and consequently moved to Film making. I involved myself as a producer in short films and features. My contacts consider me fully equipped with 4Is (i.e. Ideas, Innovation, Intelligence, and Information) with immense networking among prestigious industry personalities both in production and finance. For my community work I was made a Millennium Awards fellow.

I have unparalleled zeal for innovation and passion for work with a vision "Art for art sake, money for God sake".

I believe in trusting people and value integrity, honour among the people that are my friends, contacts, associates.


Independent International Motion Picture and Film Producer
London and Eastern Europe based
Email: taraq (at) taraq.tv

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JJ Filmworks London Ltd
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